Ruby 74

Ruby Mae has now conquered the couch. Just in time to keep Mom company while she looks up info on broken toes.

Comments [4]:

Alan Waler
Broken toes? That doesn't sound good. Ruby looks like great company though.
Petrov Neutrino
Conquered the couch? That is a remarkable achievement! Although I do not know if there is much that can be done to help with broken toes.
I've broken both my little toes a number of times and there's not much to be done. The strange burning feeling goes up to the middle of my foot this time, so I was looking to see if it's just the toes or further up the foot. I can walk and wiggle everything so I'm assuming it's just the toes. I'll get it checked if things haven't cleared up by the end of the week. I hate bothering a doc for minor things.
Since when are broken bones a "minor thing".