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The first thing you see when you leave the downstairs bathroom.

Ruby Mae believes in the buddy system when it comes to bathrooms. She likes to push the door open a tad so she can hear you, then sits outside and waits for you to come out.

Petrov Neutrino
2015-09-12 08:33:33 
-heh- Making sure that you are safe in there and do not escape.
2015-09-12 20:20:36 
The 'buddy system'! Now I know what to call it. My two believe in this, too, but are not always content to wait outside.
Iron Ed
2015-09-12 23:38:30 
Since I live alone, it was just easier to leave the door open for my two cats. :-)
2015-09-13 19:50:20 
Iron Ed, Likewise, but unlike cats Australian Shepherds stay on the floor.