Ruby 01

Hey guys. Things have been rather crazy since late January. Instead of taking time to regroup and recover from the chaos of Matt's job situation earlier this year and Holly's illness and passing, I tried to keep the comic going. I was worried about being seen as lazy or lacking as an artist and a person for not doing so. Unfortunately, I've been stumbling since. With a few commissions still sitting in the queue and Ruby Mae now in the picture, I think it may be time to admit I need to take a moment to regroup.

As a result, both CN:H and AYAD will be on break until September. This will give me time to finish the remaining commissions for the folks who have been wonderfully patient and understanding - thank you. It will also give Ruby Mae a little more time to grow out of this rambunctious stage and become more settled into the house... as well as myself time to get a few pages ahead and maybe even make some Min-Pins/Mid-Pins for the store again.

In lieu of comics I'll post a new photo of Ruby Mae each day, seven days a week. Work in progress - comics, commissions, or otherwise - can be seen on the Tumblr and Twitter accounts if folks are interested.

In case anyone is wondering, I have asked the sponsor of CN:H Issue 22 and AYAD Issue 2 for permission before going forward with this and was given the all-clear.

CN:H will return Thursday, September 3rd and AYAD on Friday, September 4th. I apologize for the downtime and hope photos of the cute, fluffy bundle of terror will be entertaining until we return.

Thanks guys!

Comments [20]:

Take all the time you need - be well.
Darc, As has been said before you need not apologize if you feel you need to take a break. Your loyal readers/fans will understand and will wait somewhat paitently until you return. I said it before and I'll say it again: "Your health is most important to not only you, but to Matt and your fans. If you kill yourself with worry about putting out the comic then that would be the end of the comic! Take care of yourself, that is what is most important.
I think you need not worry about losing readership over your own health Darc! Your health and well being comes ahead. We can wait.
Russell Gold
We'll be waiting, no matter how long you need. We appreciate the great work you do, and would much rather that you take time off and come back refreshed than push yourself to point that it all becomes an unpleasant chore.
You have already done all we can ask. You let us know. Thank you. I will eagerly await the next update regardless of when it is. (I know it only updates on certain days and still check daily lol) Take the time you need to regroup and come back refreshed and eager to continue.
Be well dear. We'll be here when you get back. Bunners
Darc, I would like to point out that very few, if any, successful authors put out work with as much effort as you put into yours on anything like as regular a basis. They take breaks. They go on hiatus. They collect themselves. They deal with life. To me, with no artistic skill, what you put out every week seems like it would be the equivalent of an engine rebuild (or at the very least a transmission rebuild with a cylinder head replacement). Every week. Take a break. Pictures of the pup will do more than tide us over. Videos would be even better (especially because corgi pups are so silly!). We'll be waiting for you.
Iron Ed
We'll be here, Darc. Have some fun while you're out too! And, I'm with Ishmael; I check here daily too. I like to keep up with what my fellow fans are saying in the comments. The bits you continue to post will let us have the fun of keeping up with You & Matt and each other.
Petrov Neutrino
Greetings! I think that this is a great idea! Relax, regroup, and catch up. This has been a very difficult year for both you and Matt, and having a bit of time off to recover is a smart move. I look forward to watching Ruby Mae's antics, and chuckle at the mayhem she is probably causing at this very moment! Enjoy!
Thanks for letting us know. Take your time and take care of yourself. See you in September!
I'm on board with the puppy pictures! Enjoy your regroup time :)
YAY! VACATION TIME!!! And you'll be back in Sept, just in time for my B-day.
No apologies needed. Take care of yourself and enjoy some downtime as you need it. Between the pup pictures and the archives, we'll be fine for a few months.
I add my voice to the others. Everyone needs a break and you have definitely earned one. All the artists and authors I know also schedule breaks because they've learned that they need them as well. Enjoy your summer. Have fun with Ruby Mae and come back refreshed and healed in body and spirit.
Echoing the refrain. No need to apologize. It's been a rough year, take some time to rest and recover. Maybe give your wrists some rest too. Speaking only for myself, promises of Corgi puppy pics is more than enough. :-)
Take your time and rest up we will be here when you get back. we understand
Have a lovely summer, Darc.
Insane Kitsune
That's perfectly fine, you need the time to get important stuff done and we can wait. :) Your personal life and well being is MUCH more important than giving us readers a new comic page. I will be happily waiting. Good luck with life. :)
First time I've ever commented on your wonderful comics. I'm with everyone else in saying the artist always comes before the art. We, as viewers, are grateful for the tremendous work and sacrifice folks like you make for the sake of your artwork. Any mature follower will happily wait for your return no matter how long it takes. Be well and enjoy yourself!
See all the outpouring of support? Readers consider your work worth the wait. And it is. :-)