Beach Mage Poster

First things first, that image you see above? Darc has just finished her second poster, Beach Mage. Like the New Moon poster these are printed on 80lb gloss cover stock, are limited to 100 copies, and are all numbered. Darc will even sign them if you'd like.

Since I've mentioned the poster, I should also mention the Patreon! Patreon subscribers get lots of goodies, but more to the point, people who subscribe at the five dollar or above mark get a coupon code for the store for that month. Plus you also get entered into a drawing for a marker piece by Darc!

In other news, the next two weeks will be unending physical toil for us, as we have declared war on the clutter and plan to clean both the basement and the garage (and possibly the attic). It's been five years since we ventured in the garage and we're unsure of the dangers that lurk within. We've rented a dumpster and have gotten all the usual adventuring equipment... 10 foot poles, ropes, iron rations, a bard, the usual. And no, if we don't survive, you can't have our stuff. Since it's likely the stuff will the the thing that eats us.

That's it for this week! Buy the poster! Support Darc on Patreon! And always remember your towel!