Hot, humid and at max book capacity

Hi all!

This week has been reaching high temperatures here (95F/35C with humidity high enough to slice), which in an old and un-airconditioned house, gets rather tiresome.

However! We have been making progress. Darc has been working on the AYAD book, has figured out the block she was facing in the beginning and has started work on new pages.

Fortunately, we have installed a little window unit AC in the studio.

In other news, we're trying to discover a way to fold space in on itself in order to put my book cases in. This is not a new technology, Terry Pratchett could do it. Unfortunately he took the secret with him. If we disappear, don't be alarmed, we'll probably resurface after a few days.

Not much else to say this week. As usual, updates from Darc can be found on her Patreon along with sneak peeks at what she's working on and now vlogs.