Making progress!

Darc has been working on the new book!

She's finished the cover for Issue 1, which looks snazzy and you can see it above, hinting at something hidden under Allen's polite nature.

Over in the Patreon, you can see some more work being made. Darc has provided a public look at some of her sketch process, showing an animated look between a rough layout and the final one for a page in the new book. Head on over and Check it out it's pretty neat.

Last weekend we rented a skip and cleaned out the garage. Which was filled when we moved in to the house five years ago and never touched. Darc has pictures posted on her Twitter if you're interested in the chaos that we managed to tame.

Aside from that, it was a pretty quiet week. It's August, and the heat is pounding down. So if you need us, we'll be hiding in the air conditioning.

See you next week!