Ruby 105

Someone's tired from her first day at puppy daycamp since the operation.

I'm running out of puppy photo ideas. As a result, I'll be switching this archive to a more general 'in the studio' theme starting November 1st. This will be more of a look into my studio setup, what I'm working on, resources I'm using, and just general interesting things happening within our lives. It'll be fun and perhaps a way to get to know me a bit better... if you're into that kind of thing.

Thanks guys!

Comments [3]:

Running out of puppy photos?! Unheard-of!
Petrov Neutrino
Ruby seems content with a nap and without having to 'work the camera' for a little while. Watch - once she gets a few hours sleep, she will be trying to get in front of the camera during your studio shots!
Iron Ed
I like your new 'in the studio' theme. I will find it quite interesting! (and I imagine Ruby will still find ways of ending up in some pics now and again. ;-) )