Ruby 94

Matt and I are out of town for the next week. While we're gone, Ruby will be staying at the vet's. She'll be going in for her spaying operation shortly before we pick her up. So while there won't be any new corgi photos this upcoming week, we will have cone corgi for you when we return.

If you'd like to see what Matt and I are up to in the meantime, please visit my Twitter account. Thanks guys and see you in a week!

Comments [3]:

At least get her a comfy cone O _ o Those plastic things are mean. Like making your kids wear plaid.
Iron Ed
Poor Tiny; mean ol' Corgi hogging the fuzzy blankie! Have fun on your vacation! (I keep wanting to go to the coast in January and get a waterfront room on the 4th(?) floor during a storm.) :-)
Have fun doing the husband and wife thing, whatever that might be. :) The important part is that you enjoy it.