Ruby 63

Hey guys! Comic updates will resume tomorrow! Thank you for sticking with me during the downtime! I hope Ruby Mae's antics have been enjoyable!

Comments [9]:

HEX the Dark
Uuuuhhh puppy belly! :D
M. Mitchell Marmel
Very much so! Ruby is best puppeh!
Petrov Neutrino
They have been. Such an incredible package of fluff, energy, and mischief!
choo choo George
Are you kidding? They've been absolutely terrific. Glad to hear the comic will be back, but I'll miss seeing Ruby Mae, maybe once in a while you could post a photo or 2 of our sweet little pup.
I wouldn't mind one bit if you decided to post a picture from time to time. It has been fun watching her grow.
* Votes For Monday's with Ruby. *
Awwww. Puppy sits like people.
Yes! I second the Mondays with Ruby series! :D
I love that you now have "The Daily Corg"!!!