Ruby 43

Poe, the white stuffed dog in the shot, has a battery-powered "heart" that mimics a pulse. It's to help puppies feel less alone at night as they get used to not having their litter-mates around them. Poe's "heart" stopped beating a few weeks ago. I replaced the batteries earlier, but instead of being happy, Ruby Mae seems to be determined to take Poe out. Apparently in her mind he's now a zombie who must be destroyed. Or something.

UPDATE: In other news, Ruby Mae has Kennel Cough. It seems the vaccination she received last Friday came a little too late. She'd already picked it up from one of the other dogs at the daycamp. Ruby Mae went into the vet's yesterday afternoon and is now on medication and a three week quarantine from further puppy interaction - apparently it's highly contagious. She's doing okay, just a little tired and unhappy.

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Petrov Neutrino
"...there came to my ears a low, dull, quick sound, such as a watch makes when enveloped in cotton..."
I last contacted you many years ago when you seemed to have stalled out a few posts into this comic under the name easyfurr I think, you had maybe less than 30 comics up and seemed real appreciative of the positive feedback back in the unknown day. If you are still alive PLEASE indicate so, and a front and center post indicating when you will post more comics would be really good. I do not wish to find you have died from some un-related web info,,, are you still there?
Um... at the top of every page, under the navigation links, there are four images. Under the 'A Year and a Day' one you will see it says "Returns Sept 4th" and under the 'Code Name: Hunter' one, "Returns Sept 3rd". I also mentioned this at the beginning of the Ruby Mae pictures and on my Tumblr - which I post to regularly.
Polopoly Looks like she is on a (well earned) break.