Ruby 28

Yesterday we looked over at the chair and there she was, trying to sit on Tiny. The conquering of the soft, high furniture has begun!

In other news, she's now four months old and weighs around twelve pounds. She's starting once a week doggie daycare today! It's puppy socialization time! Here's the webcam for the Wags group. Choose one of the Pup Tent cams to see the room she's in. If you look close, you may see her bouncing around with the other puppies this morning between 8am and noon.

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Petrov Neutrino
The looks are priceless. Ruby: "I'm sorry. It's so soft. Can I stay up here? Please?" Tiny: "-sigh- There goes the neighborhood."
Ruby will learn that 5 of the 6 ends of a cat are very pointy. Cats are known to show their displeasure with a well timed and aimed swat. :=3
S distinct specialty of corgis is to be both exceedingly cute and deviously endearing at one time. Beware, for they harbor the Soul of the Silly. :}
Petrov Neutrino
It is somewhat relaxing, watching her wander around the "Pup Tent" during my conference call. :)
The cats first show their displeasure by doing a fake sort of swat without the claws being out. I believe that you saw this in one of the pictures a few days back. (It looks like Tiny is waving.) My guess is that Tiny will locate a few spots that Ruby can't get to. With my cats, its the cabinets over the refrigerator and the top shelf of a bookcase. Tiny seems to have accepted Ruby as a housemate. If you want to know what happens when a cat doesn't accept another dog or cat as a housemate, go see a few episodes of "My Cat From Hell".