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Let the wild rumpus start! Which, unfortunately, is very hard to photograph.

Don't worry, Tiny's very gentle. It's all play batting, no claws involved.

Petrov Neutrino
2015-07-26 08:41:24 
-heh- The motion blurs say it all. Ruby is all motion, completely active, bouncy. Tiny is almost completely still except for The Swat(tm). Youthful enthusiasm meets patient experience. "You have much to learn, daughter."
choo choo george
2015-07-26 21:11:55 
I will teach you the way of battle grasshopper!!
2015-07-26 21:59:51 
Part 2 of Kitty is not amused
Iron Ed
2015-07-26 23:38:28 
I still say, "Bonk! Bonk on-the-head!" ...I'm just not sure who's getting bonked this time. :-)