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2015-07-10 01:32:48 
That's doggie body language for: i think i did something bad. Maybe if i act tired and lay like a log, i can get away withit.
2015-07-10 06:06:20 
That is a very cute sploot. Can we have a comic that is nothing but cute corgi pictures? Code Name Ruby? Please? ;P
Petrov Neutrino
2015-07-10 07:13:26 
A very cute sploot, with a touch of guilt, a touch of tiredness, and a touch of 'ooo this feels good'. One concern, though, is the bone in the picture - it blends into the flooring all too well. How many times have you (almost) stepped on it?
2015-07-10 10:47:14 
More times than I can count. It's a stealthy ninja nylar bone.