Ruby 01

Hey guys. Things have been rather crazy since late January. Instead of taking time to regroup and recover from the chaos of Matt's job situation earlier this year and Holly's illness and passing, I tried to keep the comic going. I was worried about being seen as lazy or lacking as an artist and a person for not doing so. Unfortunately, I've been stumbling since. With a few commissions still sitting in the queue and Ruby Mae now in the picture, I think it may be time to admit I need to take a moment to regroup.

As a result, both CN:H and AYAD will be on break until September. This will give me time to finish the remaining commissions for the folks who have been wonderfully patient and understanding - thank you. It will also give Ruby Mae a little more time to grow out of this rambunctious stage and become more settled into the house... as well as myself time to get a few pages ahead and maybe even make some Min-Pins/Mid-Pins for the store again.

In lieu of comics I'll post a new photo of Ruby Mae each day, seven days a week. Work in progress - comics, commissions, or otherwise - can be seen on the Tumblr and Twitter accounts if folks are interested.

In case anyone is wondering, I have asked the sponsor of CN:H Issue 22 and AYAD Issue 2 for permission before going forward with this and was given the all-clear.

CN:H will return Thursday, September 3rd and AYAD on Friday, September 4th. I apologize for the downtime and hope photos of the cute, fluffy bundle of terror will be entertaining until we return.

Thanks guys!