Issue 2.5 Cover

Welcome back! Sorry about the mix-up this week. I got wrapped up in finishing this cover when I should have stopped to work up the next CN:H instead. We'll have the CN:H page tomorrow. For now, it's time to kick off the next section of our story... A Quick Chat!

Here's the synopsis...

It's been a few days since the arrival of Roderick's letter, and Moraine is still happy. Allen, on the other hand, can't help thinking about Fredrick's threat. While Moraine and Emily exchange gossip, Allen receives a response from a friend. But is the offer of help in time?

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue!

That means I've been paid to draw this one! Which is awesome! The Sponsor wishes to remain anonymous, so I won't tell you who he is unless he says it's okay to do so. But, I wanted to say thank you!

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Thanks guys!

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