Issue 2 - Page 24

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Here we are, the last comic page of Issue 2. This will also be the last fully shaded page, aside from the covers, for A Year and a Day. I love the shading. I really do. But due to issues with the TOS, I've been trying to reassess how much time per page I devote to the comic. I want to start building up a buffer again and eventually increase the updates, all while limiting flareups as much as possible. While dropping the shading is disappointing, it's for the best, I'm afraid.

We're also going to try something new with this issue. While this is the last comic page of Issue 2, it's not the actual final page. We've still a couple extra bits to add over the next few updates. As a result, the CBZ will wait until the extras are all finished.

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