Issue 2 - Page 19

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Oh, Moraine... I love you, but sometimes you can be so clueless about the trouble your actions may cause. She's young. She'll learn. To see the sketch of this page, please click here.

A quick heads-up, we're in the process of migrating the site over to a new server. We're also moving over to an updated version of Clickthulu, the CMS Matt wrote which controls the site. CN:H's new home should be up and running within the next week. In the meantime, if you stop by and things look a little odd for a bit, please pardon our dust. Thanks guys!

If you see a mistype, please drop us an email. We're more likely to see your message and correct the mistake faster that way. Thank you.

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