Issue 1 - Cover

Hey folks! Welcome back! The new version of A Year and a Day will begin posting Tuesday, January 23rd at a rate of once per week. If you'd like to read ahead the comic is updating twice a week - and is currently nearly a full issue ahead - on Patreon and our new Supporters Area (starting February 1st).

A lot of effort has gone into the rework of the comic. While we initially planned on just resketching the pages, Matt and I quickly realized we'd need to do some tightening of the story to make it accessible to new folks. We also decided it should be in color to help attract a print audience. All this has added a chunk to the workload. But hopefully you'll enjoy the results.

We're currently in the process of researching publishers to submit the comic to. While yes, we can print and publish on our own - and likely will for the first few issues - we're hoping to find a publisher who can help us get the comic into Diamond and, through them, into comic shops. We have a few companies in mind and are looking into what's required to submit. It's been pretty interesting.

Thanks guys! See you Tuesday with page one!

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