Raewyn al'Melis al'Gera, Queen

Nationality : Astorian

Race : Hound

DOB : January 15, 1821

Employer : N/A

Information : Raewyn is the current Queen of Astoria. While willing to set up a trade treaty with RCSI, she is not fond of the agency nor its conditions, especially those in regard to Astoria's policy towards outsiders. She has been known to refer to Queen Moraine of Britain as a "soft hearted, weak willed twit." Concern for the decline of magic in Astoria has lead Her Majesty to put aside personal feelings and open contact with Britain, though her motives may turn out to be more personal that RCSI would like.

Originally of House al'Melis, she married into the Royal House of al'Gera as a political tie.

First Appearance: Issue 2 - Page 22 Last Appearance: Issue 5 - Page 02

Rashanna al'Melis al'Gera, Lady

Nationality : Astorian

Race : Hound

DOB : November 20, 1931

Employer : The Astorian Mage Academy

Information : Rashanna is the current head of the Astorian Mage Academy, having taken over the position after Lord Cedric stepped down. A social climber, she's been engaged in an ongoing political game against Lord Cedric for a number of years. An aggressive woman, her actions leave many in Court wondering if her only reason for supporting the treaty is because Lord Cedric does not.

Originally of House al'Melis, she married into the Royal House of al'Gera as a political tie, only to have her husband die from unknown causes soon after their union.

First Appearance: Issue 4 - Page 10 Last Appearance: Lifts - Page 11

Reginald (Reg) Jeeves

Nationality : British

Race : Hound

DOB : March 5, 1888

Employer : Lord Yaxley / Bertram (Bertie) Wooster

Information : A friend of Robert Allen and valet to Lord Yaxley. (Tribute to P.G. Wodehouse's "Jeeves" stories / Jeeves and Wooster.)

First Appearance: Issue 1 - Page 15 Last Appearance: Issue 3 - Page 24

Rick Moore

Nationality : American

Race : Rabbit

DOB : September 23, 1963

Owner : House al'Gera

Information : Rick is an older fellow who, due to a shipwreck off the cost of Astoria, was captured and sold into slavery with his wife and daughter. While his daughter is still with him, Rick's wife has since passed on.

First Appearance: Issue 5 - Page 11 Last Appearance: Issue 5 - Page 16

Robert Allen

Nationality : British

Race : Hound

DOB : August 22, 1917

Employer : The Mousira Household

Information : Robert Allen served as a batman to Lord Yaxley during WWII and would have continued working for him after the war if not for Lord Yaxley already having a valet. After the war ended, he worked in the Palace as a butler, a position Michael Pyrenees helped him secure. He's since become a confidant and adviser to Moraine.

Robert Allen is married to Emily Allen (nee Brown). He's related to the Pyrenees clan on his mother's side and is a cousin of Michael Pyrenees.

First Appearance: Issue 19 Cover Last Appearance: Issue 3 - Page 19

Ron McQuillen

Nationality : British

Race : Hound

DOB : May 12, 1953

Employer : RCSI

Division : Medical / Primary Care

Information : A member of the British embassy in Astoria, Ron McQuillen makes sure the agents in the embassy are healthy and cared for.

First Appearance: Issue 3 - Page 02 Last Appearance: Issue 6 - Page 03

Rubella (Ruby) Jane Pyrenees "Gypsy"

Nationality : British

Race : Hound

DOB : October 17, 1978

Employer : RCSI

Division : Field Assistant / General

Information : Ruby is currently an assistant, an agent-in-training. Her chief is Max McConnor. An opinionated woman with a love of firearms and a dislike of pushy men, Ruby had a hard start at RCSI. She's a fiercely independent woman with a boisterous sense of humor and a past she prefers to keep hidden.

A determined fighter, Ruby's interested in following in the footprints of both her grandfather, Michael Pyrenees, and her father, Joshua.

First Appearance: Prelude Issue 2 - Page 11 Last Appearance: Issue 24 - Page 14