Patria Pennyworth

Nationality : British

Race : Ferret

DOB : June 22, 1978

Employer : RCSI

Division : Archives / Department Head

Information : Patria Pennyworth is a busy woman with a lot of responsibilities in RCSI. Not only is she the current Head of Archives and the Commander's secretary, she's also the person in charge of recruitment for RCSI as well as the one who oversees the Assistant Program. Still, despite her busy schedule, Mrs. Pennyworth always has time to see to the welfare of the assistants and archivists under her care.

Mrs. Pennyworth occasionally mentions her uncle who works for an eccentric American, but that's all. Anything more about her uncle's job she doesn't say and her uncle isn't talking.

First Appearance: Issue 11 - Page 13 Last Appearance: Issue 11 - Page 15


Nationality : Summer Court

Race : Fey

DOB : Sometime in 408 BC

Employer : The Queen of Summer

Information : Also known as Robin Goodfellow and The Hob, Puck is messenger, enforcer, and fool of the Summer Court. A master trickster, Puck weaves plans within plans, sometimes for his mistress's amusement. Other times... for his own ends. He's one of the few Fey strong enough to shift Courts at will.

A true shape-shifter, Puck has a female form he occasionally wears called Helena.

First Appearance: Issue 12 - Page 12 Last Appearance: Issue 24 - Page 24