Leanan Sidhe

Nationality : Wildfey

Race : Fey

DOB : Before recorded history

Employer : N/A

Information : The Aspect of the Muse. In the early days Leanan Sidhe would be approached by mortals who wanted to gain fame and fortune as bards and musicians. Her blessing would grant these mortals a silver tongue, perfect pitch, and the inspiration to write music for the ages. One year after their bargain with the Leanan Sidhe, these mortals would slip into madness and be claimed by the Fey muse. She would drag them to the Fey Realm and take their blood, much like a vampire.

In modern times Leanan Sidhe still lends her boons to musicians, however she tends to be drawn more towards the British Punk and Underground rock scene, where the aggressive musical styles and anti-authority attitudes make for good choices in victims.

First Appearance: Issue 18 - Page 20 Last Appearance: Issue 2 - Page 14

Leela Bengali, Dr.

Nationality : British

Race : Cat

DOB : July 02, 1972

Employer : St Thomas' Hospital

Information : Max McConnor is a familiar site to Dr. Bengali. So much so that she often jokes about keeping a permanent room set aside just for him. While she's been told Max's multiple injuries are due to his love of extreme sports, the frequency of his injuries are beginning to make her wonder if there isn't something more going on.

First Appearance: Issue 24 - Page 02 Last Appearance: Issue 24 - Page 03

Liam Butler "Samson"

Nationality : Irish

Race : Badger

DOB : March 11, 1963

Employer : RCSI

Division : Field Agent / Werewolf

Information : A strong fellow from Werewolf Division, Liam usually finds himself tapped whenever brute strength and a show of force is desired.

First Appearance: Issue 11 - Page 22 Last Appearance: Issue 14 - Page 03

Loretta Evans "Doodle"

Nationality : American

Race : Chipmunk

DOB : June 21, 1973

Employer : RCSI

Division : Technical / Research & Development

Information : Doodle, as most in RCSI call her, is working as an intern in the agency's Tech Department. Due to her optimistic nature and her unwillingness to take 'no' as an answer, the Commander gave her the assignment of helping Gadel get use to the modern world.

She has a pet rooster named Mr. Cluckinstein.

First Appearance: Lifts - Page 01 Last Appearance: Issue 24 - Page 14

Luke Thompkins

Nationality : British

Race : Rabbit

DOB : May 16, 1961

Employer : The Mousira Household

Information : A guard at the Palace. Luke was on duty during the Treaty Night of 1993 and is aware that, whenever RCSI is involved, things are not always what they seem.

First Appearance: Issue 12 - Page 14 Last Appearance: Issue 12 - Page 18