Harold Gwyn

Nationality : Scottish

Race : Mouse

DOB : April 1, 1936

Employer : The McConnor Household

Information : Harold is an older fellow who's been employed as a groom by the McConnor family for a number of years. He's married to Aggie Gwyn and is the father of Cale Gwyn.

First Appearance: Issue 8 - Page 04 Last Appearance: Issue 8 - Page 06

Heather McConnor, Lady

Nationality : Scottish

Race : Mouse

DOB : May 5, 1950

Employer : N/A

Information : Heather is the wife of Brigard McConnor and the mother of Max and Julia. She's a quiet, reserved woman who has a hard time showing affection.

While Brigard and Heather have always remained faithful to one another, their marriage is not an affectionate one.

First Appearance: Issue 8 - Page 07 Last Appearance: Issue 8 - Page 09

Helena "Puck"

Nationality : Summer Court

Race : Fey

DOB : Sometime in 408 BC

Employer : The Queen of Summer

Information : Helena is one of Puck's many faces, a favorite of the trickster, she is responsible for luring Roderick into Faerie.

First Appearance: Issue 16 - Page 10 Last Appearance: Issue 22 - Page 09

Henry Collins

Nationality : British

Race : Rabbit

DOB : October 27, 1972

Employer : The Mousira Household

Information : An excitable footman who works in the Palace. When the DeHarrods' gate in the kitchen needs to be opened he finds himself involved in RCSI's activities.

First Appearance: Issue 22 - Page 15 Last Appearance: Issue 23 - Page 24