Nationality : Wildfey

Race : Fey

DOB : Sometime in 1059

Employer : DeHarrods

Information : A guard Roderick and crew run across in DeHarrods.

First Appearance: Conversations - Page 13 Last Appearance: Issue 22 - Page 23

Agatha Craye (nee Gregson), Lady Worplesdon

Nationality : British

Race : Rabbit

DOB : October 23, 1871

Employer : N/A

Information : Bertie's least favorite aunt. Know by Bertie and his cousins as "the nephew-crusher". Her main goal in life seems to be seeing Bertie married off to a suitable woman of proper social standing, something Bertie is very against. (Tribute to P.G. Wodehouse's "Jeeves" stories / Jeeves and Wooster.)

First Appearance: Issue 3 - Page 13

Aggie Gwyn

Nationality : Scottish

Race : Mouse

DOB : November 24, 1943

Employer : The McConnor Household

Information : Aggie is an older woman who's been employed as a housekeeper by the McConnor family for a number of years. A kind-hearted lady, Aggie acted as a surrogate mother to Max and his sister Julia. She's married to Harold Gwyn and is the mother of Cale Gwyn.

First Appearance: Issue 8 - Page 02 Last Appearance: Issue 8 - Page 11

Andy Ward

Nationality : British

Race : Hamster

DOB : May 20, 1956

Employer : RCSI

Division : Staff / Motor Pool

Information : Andy Ward is captain of the boat RCSI uses to ferry agents to and from Astoria. Previous experience has taught him to keep as far from the shoreline of Astoria as possible.

First Appearance: Issue 1 - Page 17 Last Appearance: Issue 1 - Page 18

Arthur Pendragon, King

Nationality : British

Race : Mouse

DOB : Believed to be in the late 5th century

Employer : N/A

Information : One of the few mortals to ever become an Aspect and survive. The Aspect of Unity, Arthur currently sleeps until he's needed again. His body is protected in the Winter Queen's castle while his sword is guarded by the Lady of the Lake, a member of the Summer Court.

First Appearance: Issue 18 - Page 24