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Issue 24 - Page 24

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Hey guys. This was a hard page to work up because it's the last Code Name: Hunter page for the foreseeable future. I may come back to the series and do self contained CN:H stories next year, but at the moment I'm not certain exactly when. For right now I need to shift my focus to something else.

I want to prepare AYAD for print -- among other things. This means redrawing the pages so far and perhaps doing a bit of reconstruction work on the story. The reason being is I'd like to see AYAD actually get somewhere. Books, a game, possibly an animated series if I can get up the nerve to pitch it. CN:H is massive, too massive, with many twists and turns. Like a rabbit warren. AYAD is much more salable. So, I'm going to go for it.

I originally planned on moving right into Issue 4 of AYAD next week. Matt and I have been talking and together we've decided to hold off on posting new content on here until the beginning of next year. This will give us time to do the bit of reworking of the AYAD storyline and allow me to get a good chunk of the redraws -- hopefully all of them, -- done before moving on to the next section of the story.

I'll begin sharing the process on Patreon starting next week. In fact, that will soon be the only way of getting a hold of me aside from my book Tumblr. Better to focus and all.

We'll be setting up a mailing list here in a few days where folks can sign up if they want to be alerted when updates resume.

I appreciate you all joining us on this journey and I hope, in some manner, you found the ride enjoyable. Please understand that this isn't an easy thing for me to do. But, it's something that needs to be done.

Thank you.

Our spam filter has been a little over zealous lately. If you leave a comment and it doesn't show up right away, please don't panic. Matt and I will be popping our heads into the admin area whenever possible to okay comments falsely marked as spam. Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you see a mistype, please drop me an email. I'm more likely to see your message and correct the mistake faster that way.

Comments [27]:

Do what you need to Darc, we'll be here waiting.
Thank you. I'll keep everyone up to to date as we go.
While I'll miss seeing new pages, this totally gives me an excuse to look for stuff you'll be selling . . . once I've earned some money, anyway. I would love to see an animated series by you if that ever winds up being in the cards! Please take care of yourself in the meantime!
Thanks. I've always seen the comics animated in my head. A quick pitch of CN:H a few years back didn't fly due to the series being too complex, but AYAD is a much simpler story. Our plan is once the first two books / ten issues are done we'll begin contacting agents and looking to pitch for animation. It may not make it, but at least we'll have tried. :D
Likewise I will miss new pages but do what you need to. Also the time will give you time to take it easy with redraws
Thanks Bear. The amount of redraws is a little intimidating, but being bale to get AYAD in print will be worth it.
Petrov Neutrino
Thank you very much for the wonderful stories so far! I look forward to seeing more of AYAD, and I am intrigued with the possibilities you mentioned! Good luck!
Thank you. I'm hoping we can push for some bigger things in a few more years. At the least I want The Cave to bring me in to do a signing next Free Comic Book Day. :D
Obviously I'm sorry to hear about the end of the comic, which I've really enjoyed. But you've got to do what you think is right with your stuff. Still, AYAD is great too, so I'll look forward to that continuing.
Thanks. Yeah Matt and I have been butting heads about this for a while now. He's convinced me it's time to try a different approach. It'll be a rocky at the beginning, but all should turn out well.
Hey, if it means you're prepped for printing, I'm okay with a hiatus until the start of the new year
Thank you. It'll be nice to hold a physical copy of the comic again. I kind of miss that. :D
Is the site going to stay up or will it be gone too? I'm still catching on a lot of things.
The site will stay up and all the archives will be available on it. Darc's portfolio will continue to update on the sidebar. We'll do some revamps to the layout to make getting news easier so nothing there will change.
No worries. All the comic archives will remain online. The new version of AYAD will be online as well starting next year and both Matt and I have been batting around the idea of doing some prose writing in the CN:H world. The site will go through a bit of a cosmetic change here in the next few months, but the comics will all stay online. :D
I noticed you did that with the last page! might be a good way to finish it and let your hand rest more? Thank You either way, I've actually enjoyed this story/comic greatly!
Thank you! :D
I am of the mind that not being under the pressure of drawing the strips, even sketching, for a weekly comic will give your wrist a chance to heal more properly, or more fully. I will check back from time to see if anything new is posted. I thank (blame?) Matt for giving me a prom copy of L&L at AC one year for getting me into the comic. :=3
It'll let me try out some new working methods that might help relieve some of the strain on the arm's nerves. And let the new exercises I've started begin to take effect. :D
Understood. Thank you for the delightful entertainment, both in the writing and the art, and I wish you success with your plans for AYAD! I too will miss seeing updates, but I will be here when they resume, definitely worth waiting for! Seeing an animated series would be awesome!
Thank you. I'd love to see it animated one day. I see the story moving in my head and wish I could share that with everyone. I'll start developing a pitch for animation once the first two books are done. That should give enough story to catch folks' interest. :D
While I will certainly miss seeing what happens next for Code Name Hunter, I am looking forward to seeing your works back in print. It should be interesting to see if A Year and Day gets rewritten a bit in the new format. But it would be very cool to see your characters animated. Wishing you both all the best. :)
Thanks Laurie. I'm hoping to go back and explore more with CN:H itself once I've gotten AYAD well underway. :D
Understood. Good luck on the procesa and I will definitly check it agian when it returns.
Thank you. It'll be a lot of work, but the results will be worth it. :D
Ditto to what everyone else has said! I'll definitely miss seeing new strips, but I'm so excited to see it in print!
Thanks. Yeah, it'll be nice to have a comic in print again. I miss seeing boxes of my books being delivered. :D