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Issue 24 - Page 23

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There was a lot to say and few pages remaining to do in it. So, have a bit of writing. Honestly, Puck, this is why you have no friends.

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Comments [13]:

Did... did Puck spike the wine with iron filings?
Or did he get a religious person to bless it?
KC Jone.II
Damn, so that is your little game, Puck.
OMG... he's killing the one who took the Mortal, as repayment for the Crime, and once again making the Courts Balanced. And he will be seen as doing his job as the Fool, and gets away unpunished once again.
oh DAMN! Clever son of a...
KC Jones.II
Siraj, looks like we're almost on the same wavelength with our thinking.
Chrysi Cat
Aaaand the courts are apparently back in balance. Poor Cedany. Poor Summer too, since there went the only way she might ever have learnt that Puck's trying to become a *new* aspect.
Petrov Neutrino
Elderberry wine... Very nice reference!
That devious SOB! Well worth having a page that is mostly text, to get that content clarified...
Merchant of Pain
Balance? Oh, that little trifle? I took care of it.
Mia Fillene
Hrmmmm Isn't Puck older then the aspects of Summer and Winter? Hasn't he been around a LONG time? One would think not to underestimate I think a certain someone has done...
Given the circumstances the last thing anyone even remotely genre savvy would have done was take that drink, and Cedany REALLY should have known better.
M. Peach
I know how much work it would have been to put all of this in drawings, but I would have loved to actually see their faces in each part of this dialogue!