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Issue 24 - Page 21

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Here's the second part of this week's double spread. We met Cedany back in Issue 13 when she kidnapped Nyx. It seems she's been running with a bad crowd.

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Comments [10]:

Is Puck sloshed, or just naturally that nonchalant?
Chrysi Cat
Dunno why *she's* so furious. After all, it's someone from the *other* court that lost their…ummm…'assets'…the moment that Gavin went boom…
The Fae courts must remain in balance. Because of Puck's actions they aren't. That does not end well for anyone, except maybe Puck.
I remember her! Didn't know her name at the time. Puck is always nonchalant, why? He has all the time in the world.
And a plan. Or maybe two plans. Three? Okay, three...
Let's be honest here Puck doesn't make plans, he just plays Xanatos Speed Chess.
Actually, Puck may not be aware of just how much he's in Winter's sights right now. She sees him as a threat to both courts. Puck should be aware that Winter isn't happy with him right now, but he may have misjudged the degree to which that unhappiness has grown. It's a common failing in most schemers. An inability to recognize when an adversary has decided that they must act at all costs, regardless of the consequences, or the results of their inaction will be far worse than the costs and consequences combined.
I'm suddenly remembering an old Looney Tunes cartoon. Bugs Bunny deciding the bounty on rabbits is humiliatingly small compared to that for bears, so he sets out to become a dangerous nuisance. And when he succeeds... "...Could it be I've gone a little too far?" BOOM! "...Yeah... could be..."
Why do I have a feeling Puck will claim he arranged Gavin's death at the Summer Queen's request, for humiliating her? As a private request. And it may even be true, if Puck could somehow trick her into requesting that.
KC Jones.II
Cedany isn't buying what Puck is "selling". If she could, I half way suspect that she'd drag that " hedge born misbegotten son of a goat out into the back ally and just shred Puck to pieces. That is if she could. I suspect dear Puck has arranged this little meeting and has the goon power to back it up. But hey, I am only making an observation.