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Issue 24 - Page 13

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In all fairness, Ruby, Mercy did say the cake was intended for you and you alone. A piece being consumed by a child was not part of the plan.

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Comments [40]:

Carl Foxmarten
Oh my... =0.o=
Mercy is not a fan of the PG-13 rating.
Ron Bauerle
I had to google that:
Yep, those are the Lilim. Mercy's also much older than she looks. :D
I wouldn't dare ever suggest or comment anything about Mercy's age. :)
that's... not... better
It is for Mercy.
Making a potion effect from a cake is less effective. The strength of the potion would differ depending on how much someone ate.
It's magic.
Oh dear.
And she wanted Ruby to keep the cake all to herself.
That would be an awful lot of lust for Ruby to fulfill if she ate the WHOLE cake. Mercy never does anything small apparently. :)
Isn't Matti a little young for lust to do much?
Yeah. That's why he's just hiccuping hearts. It will make him feel a little loopy for a bit, but that's all.
Perhaps he'll be lusting after more of that cake! *hic*
I think it's interesting that these 'sketch' pages may be starting to form a slightly new style, with more emphasis perhaps on characters' expressions. And that first panel would have been quite different in effect. It's often the case that a change of technique produces new decisions in presentation. Just a thought...
Oh yeah, we'll likely see some subtle changes as we go. Part of it's that, since it doesn't take two days to do a page I have more time to spend on things like the expressions and trying to figure out the hand gestures. I also have more control with a pencil than I do working digitally. I do need to find a ruler that's slightly raised though. I keep getting some smudging when I use my old ruler to lay in the backgrounds.
I remember watching painter long ago. He had a long wand that he used went painting. On one end was a ball the size of a golf ball and the wand was inserted into the middle of it. He would then place his non-drawing hand on the other side of the drawing and let the wand rest on his hand. He would then place his drawing hand on the want to keep his hand from going into the paint. It was a very interesting technique.
Iron Ed
Brighttail: A drawing book I have calls that artist's stick a "maulstick". The one shown is made of a strong wooden dowel with a rubber tip instead of a ball. The author is shown "holding" the end of the stick instead of letting it rest on his hand. (He also has his paper on a near-vertical drawing board. ;-))
That is cool. Never knew what it was called. Yeah he was a painter so he was using it vertically. :)
mud duck
If I'm understanding the problem correctly, try running a line of scotch tape down the center of the ruler on one side. Helps to keep the graphite that collects on the edge of the ruler from smearing on the paper.
As I recall, there were a lot of triangles in the art/drafting supply store that had raised edges. Of course, that was back when I drew graphs and flow diagrams by hand rather than using a computer. Some of the wooden rulers also had a metal strip embedded in the edge to serve the same purpose.
Poor Matthew. He'll be okay tho. I love that Mercy as absolutely NO remorse for what she tried to do. :) It is her job after all (in a way). I wonder if after everyone is gone, if Ruby won't sneak a piece. hehe. Either way it does have to be embarrassing for poor Max who seems to be trying so hard not to express his feelings for Ruby cause she is his assistant and for Ruby because of all the issues she has had with men in the past. Mercy was trying to get through all that mortal rubbish feelings and go straight for the heart/lust strings. Mercy's heart is in the right place. I can't wait to see how this pans out.
KC Jones.II
Oh mercy, dear Mercy. The political scandals that could sprout from that. Poor Matti. Frederick would have had a field day with the tidbits off of this one. Although, I think that Mercy has enough of a conscious that she'd have planned ahead for such emergencies.
KC Jones.II
A sobering thought occurs. What if dear Puck had his hands in the, ..."cookie jar" and Mercy's cake was just a subplot that Puck cooked up as his plan B?
that is a rather terrifying thought.
Ooohh... I like her! Though, since I'd be considered lilim myself, that's hardly surprising... I'm really liking the monochrome art. While identifying the characters by shape and pattern is taking some getting used to, I can't see anything that could be considered a reduction in quality, especially given the effort you put into shading and texture. But then, even my favorite pieces from DaVinci are his 'sketches'. Oh, on the ruler, my mother has had good luck with a quilting ruler on her chalk work. I don't know if it'd work as well with pencils, but it might be worth a try...
Haha, oh god, Allen's expression in panel 5...
Oh lord... The Prince is fixin' to go through puberty. Watch for facial hair. XD
Facial hair? But.. they're already entirely covered in fur.
The Prince in a furry. How could you tell?
oh how will Allen explain This to Mori?
Oh... this is going to go funny places, and I so look forward to it
Yup, GET THE BARREL RIGHT NOW, AND BRING THE CORK FOR THE BUNG HOLE! (The raising of children: Place in barrel and feed through bunghole until age 16, then drive in the cork.)
...I can't help but think of how this used to be considered not an overly big deal. Young prince feeling lusty... that wasn't such a problem. Especially once effective contraceptives became more freely available. Now, I'm not saying that I agree with that mindset (especially since the kid is... what, not even double digits yet? Oi). I'm just saying that Mercy probably sees absolutely no problem here. ...And I'm also saying that whatever happens next is probably going to be HILARIOUS. "Your Majesty, we have a problem with your grandson." "Yes?" "Uh, his... well... they dropped." "What did?" "...Er... whose job is it to give the young prince the Royal Birds and Bees talk, your Majesty?"
Impressive as always I thought the idea was for Max and Ruby to share teh cake between themselves
Contrary to what the Internet would have you believe, if the prince has not yet entered puberty, a lust potion should be more confusing for him than anything. Having actually studied human development and developmental psychology, someone who hasn't started puberty doesn't have a physical attraction to others (at least not a sexual one).
I thought girls were pretty and even fantasized about a number of girls in cartoons (enough to lay in bed and think about kissing them, anyway) long before I was old enough to know anything about sex, or even to understand that there was a legitimate difference between my grade school teachers and the aforementioned cartoon characters in regards to such things. I'll agree with you that things are likely to get confusing... but it's quite possible that this will kickstart his adolescent desires. (Which makes it even more problematic - and potentially amusing and/or tragic. Kids that young CAN achieve sexual arousal... and this kid is WAAAAAY too young to be exploring this sort of thing...)
Inappropriate and way too much personal information, dial the TMI ALL the way back please.