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Issue 24 - Page 08

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Hey guys! Everyone's being so cute in this page. It's nice to have a bit of quiet time with the characters after the recent, more action based, issues.

EDIT: And done. Sorry for the shading delay. Thanks guys!

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Comments [9]:

Out of curiosity, do Emily and Robert have any kids?
I don't think so. It would be hard to hide their slow ageing from any kids.
Unless, their continued close relation ship to Her Majesty has affected their children once they reached their majority.
I love the way this works alongside AYAD, Cuteness vs sly machinations.
The cuteness of these panels is putting my brain into overload. I think what is great about you doing these two stories is seeing Emily and Robert when they were younger. We see Emily and Robert as shy, learning to deal with all this magical stuff while finding each other and starting up a relationship. Then we move to where they are both older and wiser. They are still sweet on each other but in a more mature way. We still see they are very much in love and that is heart warming. Yeah Allen told a little fib, that is okay if it eases the mind of the young Prince. Emily may chide him a little bit about it, but it is out of love. I too wonder, did they ever have children. I'm sure Emily would have wanted some kids but the responsibilities of serving might not provide the time or environment conducive to having kids. Great job, Darc on this page. Squeee!
Iron Ed
I like Emily's gentle chiding. :-) It helps Robert recognize the fib for what it is. He knew all along of course, but it will help him keep any future fibs small. He now knows for sure that Emily accepts it, and his reason for telling it. It's kind of one of those things where partners watch out for each other.
Of course if Allen's leg really got achy, Moraine probably could offer some relief. :)
I doubt it. He magic doesn't seem geared to work that subtlely.
That last panel is fantastic. The background (Matti included) looks damn near PAINTED and I love it.