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Issue 24 - Page 07

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

I'm still sick. Will finish the shading and effects tomorrow when I can. Sorry.

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Comments [15]:

A good attitude to keep!
Iron Ed
And a good man to keep around! I like that first panel; Robert looks soo pitiful. :-)
It's always good to look on the bright side. :D
Ooh is that the Queen behind Allen there? :) This answers a lot, thanks Darc. Feel better!
No I think it's Allen's wife Emily.
Far better from Allen's P.O.V.
Yep, it's Emily. Mori's busy with something else at the moment.
Now that's intriguing indeed... Allen knows all too well how dire things were. Small price to pay as he says!
No more of a price as any soldier is willing to pay when there is need.
True enough.
Iron Ed
I am sooo slow! Nice work with the bloody footprints and raggedy tail, Darc!
Iron Ed
AND the garter! :-)
Thanks. :D I love my characters. Unfortunately for them I also enjoy beating them up now and then. O.o;
With the two storylines, it's more like "Code Name: Allen". =)
Someone has to keep things going while Max is in a cast. That slacker. ;D