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Issue 24 Cover

Welcome back! It's time to kick off the next section of our story... Issue 24: Balance!

Here's the synopsis for this issue...

Max and Nyx are out of Fey, but all is not well. Max's actions have left the Summer and Winter courts out of balance. While Max begins healing, Moraine deals with Jack Frost and plans for the future. As for Puck... if one plan fails, simply move on to the next one.

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue!

That means I've been paid to draw this one! Which is so cool! The Sponsor wishes to remain anonymous, so I won't tell you who he is unless he says it's okay to do so. But, I wanted to say thank you so much! Being paid to work on the comic itself is a great morale booster - as well as a major help in the bills department.

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Comments [11]:

Still wondering if Max is going to owe Winter for destroying one of her servants. Granted Gavin had it coming, but that makes little difference to the fey when it comes to debts.
Personally, I believe that Winter will be less upset about it than she should be, but will still try to use the situation to her advantage. After all, Gavin had caused so much more trouble for her than he had success, and it was clear his vendetta had turned to obsession. If she is to become upset over anything it is that this will most likely end up playing into Puck's schemes quite perfectly.
Damn Puck, mucking about with everything he isn't supposed to.
Great cover. much in the portent area.
Thanks! :D
Any time Darc. Glad you like her.
I do! Thank you! *hugs*
Hol-y SHIT, Puck looks amazing here! I want that for a poster! Some badass 24x18 spread or something!
Puck's got his crazy game face on. Actually, just about all of his game faces are crazy looking.
Very cool artwork! Strongly suggests that Puck is playing the two fey courts off against one another, which seems to be in character.
Puck has so many plans within plans... I sometimes wonder if even he can keep track.