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Allen: "Here, young sir, play with this plastic, inflatable sword."

Matti: "It's not the same..."

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great holiday! It's hard to believe 2015 is nearly at an end. It went by so fast.

I've some bad news. I just learned yesterday that my dad will be going in for open heart surgery sometime in the near future. He needs to have one of the valves in his heart re-replaced. We'll know more by mid January when he goes in for his final round of tests, but it looks like the operation will likely happen by the end of February. I'll be flying out to the Midwest for the operation and will be out of state for at least a week. I'm hoping to get pages, at least sketched, in the queue for when I'm out. If I have to hop on a flight right away... I won't be able to. If that's the case, please bear with me. Thanks guys!

If you see a mistype, please drop us an email. We're more likely to see your message and correct the mistake faster that way. Thank you.

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Awww... so adorable. For a moment I really thought he'd give the young price a sword!
Hope your dad's surgery goes well. Its common sense really, but Im sure most of us should be able to bear with you taking family as a priority over comics.
Carl Foxmarten
Um, didn't the Queen already have pups at some point in the past?... =^.~=
Aged Sage
BaZinga !!
The Queen is a mouse, so technically she had pinkies. :)
Real question is who did Allen give a sword to that time?
Hope your dad's surgery goes well! Also, I can see Allen tossing Matti a dagger or short sword in compensation. No magic, but cold iron nonetheless. ... also also, Ruby looks AWESOME with a sword in hand, and I daresay Allen looks revitalized as well. Might be more to those swords than meets the eye...
The prince is so cute and eager here, isn't he? I love that there's a furry equivalent here to a phrase that's already furry (having kittens).
Best of luck to your dad. Family first, we will wait.
don't worry about us just take care of your dad we can wait
You know, my malicious mind suddenly thinks that an airsoft gun or a paintball gun (with iron filled paintballs), might not be affected by fay magic, ...
Also, Happy New Year All!
Happy New Years Darc! Love the art and expressions on this page, lighting/colors/composition on the first frame is particularly nice. I can almost hear the artistic drum picking up the beat as they get ready to open the gate; excellent story telling! Lord bless your Dad on his upcoming operation.
"I want one too!" -chuckle- Lad, those blades be as big you. I understand the desire, but I wonder does the young prince grasp what he's asking to do. If he doesn't, I get the feeling he's going to find out real quick. As always, Drac, I love the details you include - like the shadow behind Allen's glasses and the dishes in the cupboard. Good wishes for a speedy recovery for you father.
Heheh, I bet even a plastic, inflatable sword could be dangerous (as a magic focus) in the prince's hand :).
Aged Sage
No Problem here with that.... Family first. Stabilizing prayers & Energies to your Father.
Iron Ed
Kittens! "You're grandmother would have -kittens-!" LOL :-) (I forget; are kittens a thing in this world??) Best wishes to your father, Darc!"
Hope your dad is alright and Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! Best wishes for your dad.
Best of luck for your dad. My uncle recently found out he needs a heart valve replaced, but his doctor said they have a less invasive way to do that now, which doesn't require all-out open heart surgery. Might depend on which valve is needed, for that to be possible in your dad's case though. And I suspect the young Prince might well be able to deflect magic with his own abilities, sword or no. Especially if someone he cares for is in harm's way!
I understand completely. Spend time with your father and help him heal. Family is more important. Take care and hopefully everything turns out for the best. ~Koneko
Gary Scarborough
So sorry to hear about your father. Hope the surgery goes well. My thoughts and prayers are with you both,
My best wishes and thoughts to you, your father and your family. I hope that all goes well. Please take the time you need with your family and father.
Oh no! I hope your father's surgery goes well if he needs it, and blessings on you and your whole family. ♥