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Merry Christmas! Matt and I are out of town for the next few days to visit family. As a result, there will be no AYAD this week. I hope everyone has a great holiday and we'll see you next week!

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Comments [22]:

Shyt's gettin real, out comes the steel.
I have this uncanny feeling that Allen's leg is like Mori's age, played up to be way more of an issue than it really is.
Are swords an entirely a good idea with a small child around? ON the other hand... Yay! Swords! Merry Christmas Darc, and thanks for the lovely page.
Now that it's gotten to this, I'm willing to bet that Allen's cane is a cane sword with an iron blade.
Naw, probably chromoly with an edge that can slice cheese just by being near it.
Petrov Neutrino
If I remember correctly, it was mentioned somewhere (I do not have the reference) that CB's cane is actually a rifle with silver ammo from the werewolf incident. I would suspect that Robert's cane is similar.
I started to suggest that, myself, but then I remembered that guns and the like don't work when in the presence of the denizens of Fae. So I'm still leaning toward cane-sword. But, of course, the possibility of it being a cane-gun is still there.
Cane-Sword-Gun? Though if it is just sheathed in iron then that would be problematic for fae wouldn't it?
I'll bet it has an Iron blade and a silver coated edge.
I love this series. First time commenting. Also, why do i also think that some iron filled shrapnel grenades migth be hidden away too?
Aged Sage
Merry Christmas Darc. Great lead-in to the coming battle !
is it a good idea to leave swords locked up in the kitchen
Exactly what the rules are for whether or not a given piece of metal is dangerous has not been entirely specified, so far as I remember. Whether a cheap carbon steel blade or a top of the line 440C Stainless steel would be better is unknown -- to me at least. I agree that a grenade would be devastating.
In pretty much all Fae lore, iron is their main weakness. When it comes to the swords and the collars though, it is more of the symbolism from the stained glass window that was in the, if I remember correctly from the prelude comics, Westminster Abbey that was destroyed during the London Blitz. That is what makes the swords an effective weapon.
I can only speak from my own experience about canes. If I walk a distance without the cane (around half a mile) or walk quickly, the pain starts building up. I believe that this is a situation where you deal with the pain because of the urgency. You would be amazed at how much pain you can be in and still be functional.
Agreed. It doesn't last for long, but you can sort of put your pain messages on hold in an emergency. Of course, the backlash is horrible, but the emergency should be over by then (you hope).
The adrenaline push caused by the emergency allows you to put the pain in a compartment and close the door for the duration of the emergency. Afterwards though . . .
Iron Ed
I just find it amusing that "Uncle" Rob is faster than Ruby even with a bad leg! Go Robert! :-) (Y'all need a black cat named "Er". As in "DarkMattEr". ;-) ) Aanndd. . . Merry Christmas, Dark & Matt and all your Fans!
I don't think she's noticed yet that Allen is wearing an RCSI Agent's collar, just like hers. *grins*
I this the cane might just be a prop for others to see. Allen is, in reality, probably just as spry as Emily has proven to be.
Who needs a cane when you have a longsword?
I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Max's escapades with the Winter fae during Winter, no less. He is really enjoying his work right now!