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This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Hey guys! Happy Thanksgiving to all our fellow Americans! I hope you enjoyed the conclusion of Issue 22. The big news is that a new interlude begins today. We'll be following Moraine and crew for a bit before returning to Roderick and the Fey. Like all interludes this will be short, around twelve pages or so.

Tomorrow's AYAD may go up partially finished. Today is a holiday here in the States, after all. If you're out and about traveling today, drive safely. And for folks heading out to brave the shops this Black Friday, please be polite to the sales associates. They'll appreciate it.

If you see a mistype, please drop us an email. We're more likely to see your message and correct the mistake faster that way. Thank you.

Comments [22]:

D: Darc you're going to starve me! You keep whetting my appetite for story and spacing it out so muuuuuch!
I'm giving you info that you will be confused and angry about not having here in a bit.
I wonder if the "Supplies" she is referring to are pointy, cold iron implements from the kitchen... or maybe a couple of tanks?
This is all that keeps coming to my mind today -
Gypsy looks like she's about to lose her mind.
HEX the Dark
It's not like she deals with the supernatural every day...
To me, it simply looks like her and Allen were having a conversation, were interrupted, and now she's changing her focus to what Moraine is saying.
Well, this certainly escalated quickly for Gypsy! One moment wondering what happened to her Chief, next thing being given abrupt commands by her Queen as she wields magic... cue "What The Heck?" look.
And she never got to finish her sandwich.
So long, sweet sandwich, we hardly knew ye...
True a nice sanga and chips are going to have to wait... or maybe they will be nabbed on the way back through..
Looks like Emily is ready to kick some tail
Emily Allen... Action Hero!
Petrov Neutrino
Emily ALLEN? :) Good! There were bits of their developing relationship all along, but nice to get confirmation that they followed through with it.
Just saw this comment as well.. I guess we saw a clue when Allen thought it was Emily entering his room back then. It is good to see that those two have spent the last 50-odd years well... and they are lucky to likely to have many more than most, I guess...
Petrov Neutrino
Indeed. They seem to have enjoyed their extended (due to exposure to lots of magic, surely) time together. Emily (2000) is wearing rings, but since Robert wasn't I did not want to assume they were together. Lots of hints along the way - remember the roller skating lessons?
As a Brit, I can't tell you how much I enjoy having the Queen the head of a mysterious underground organisation. I mean , obviously she is in reality, but I bet it's nothing like RCSI...
Iron Ed
AND she is ACTIVE in that organization! :-) I really love how decisive and sure Queen Moraine is in all this. Allen in panel 3, Ruby in panel 4, and Moraine and Emily in panel 5 look great too.
I am not one for monarchies, but Moraine could be someone i could follow.
I think that goes for all of us.
A portal isn't going to do the trapped ones any good. They can't come back.
You there! You get a cookie.