Issue 22 - Page 24

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

And here we are, at the end of Issue 22. If you'd like to download a copy of this issue, the complete cbz is now available. Please feel free to share the file and help introduce others to CN:H. I don't have much funds for advertising, so telling others is a big help!

I've also created something I'd like to begin making at the end of each issue. An Art of... digital booklet.

This collects the sketch, ink, base, and fully shaded versions of the pages of Issue 22. Pages are shown without words and at the full 945x1384 size so the art is clearly visible. It's available as a 'Pay What You Want' download. For anyone not familiar with 'Pay What You Want', you decide the price - from $0.00 up! If you'd like to download a copy, please visit the Issue Downloads page. Thanks guys!

If you see a mistype, please drop us an email. We're more likely to see your message and correct the mistake faster that way. Thank you.