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Issue 22 - Page 23

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

The second part of the double spread. We'll do two AYAD comics next week to catch up. To see the full spread, please click on the thumbnail below.

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Comments [11]:

I see Fae bleed. And welp, things just escalated.
So do they have to get all of Nyx through, or just her body?
Jenora Feuer
'honk honk' Oh dear. As for Nyx, well, they obviously want all of her, but once they've got her body, reconnecting the mind to it should be a lot easier. Magical principal of contagion: once connected, always connected. Of course, that assumes that they can sufficiently distract anybody attempting to prevent the reconnection...
I'm assuming all they really need to do is get Nyx to Her Majesty, but maybe that's just my McGuffin senses unexpectedly firing off again.
Now. Now it has gone pear shaped.
Interesting how the first page works so much better now we can see the full layout. Love the CHOMP as well.
Welp, this just got messy. Time to go!
Petrov Neutrino
Hmm... I have to wonder if RCSI's Fey allies (Mabel, Darrock, and Greer) and going to have to return through the gate. Assisting mortals invading and stealing from DeHarrods probably has horrible repercussions for them over the very very long term.
The fey tend to have interestingly different rules towards theft. If you manage to get away you earn respect. The one from whom you stole may carry a grudge, but they will have lost a certain amount of respect and have less support for revenge than you might think.
Hope the group has some contingency plans in the wings.
Pear-shaped. Sideways. Yeah. The solid waste matter has just impaced the rotary air circulation machine.