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Issue 22 - Page 21

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

The fact that their rescuers can't work magic is less than comforting to Nareena.

My TOS is flaring up at the moment. The whole right arm down to the fingers is a mess. As a result, if this week's AYAD is only partially finished tomorrow please excuse the delay. Thanks guys!

If you see a mistype, please drop us an email. We're more likely to see your message and correct the mistake faster that way. Thank you.

Comments [19]:

"How will you protect us?" "You see this metal bar? it's called a crowbar. Makes a very satisfying thunk against your average mortal's skull" "What about the FEY?!" "Did I mention it's made of cold iron?" "... Oh."
So... much... burning...
Addendum: Take it easy with your hands, okay? We can darn well wait!
Will do. I've been taking it slow. Luckily these big flareups don't happen as often lately.
Take your time and take care of your arm. We are all willing to wait on your work.
Thanks. I wanted to have the sketch up at least. The rest can be finished up slowly over the weekend. This should do down in a few days or so.
"I'm not shouting! ...Alright, I am! I'm shouting, I'm shouting, I'm shou-!" Had to, sorry.
Roderick: "Is that how you deal with stress? By shouting?" Nareena: "Yes! Shout, shout, and SHOUT AGAIN! Why, do you know a better way?"
Nyx's expression. Wow. So much pain and fear.
Thank you! I'm really happy with how she turned out here.
I will put up with missing AYAD in exchange for your TOS deflaring.
Iron Ed
Secondeded! All of the comic stuff can wait if it will help you feel better, as far as I'm concerned, but as long as you keep drawing them I'll keep reading them!
Thanks guys! I've been taking it slow, This flareup should go down in a few more days.
There is always one person being rescued that is panicky and negative with fear. More times than not they ruin a perfectly executed escape plan.
A little sniff of chloroform works wonders in these situations. "I'm kidnapping you for your own good! Now shush!"
I love Spooky's expression of concern in that first panel. Very subtle. Do you use a mirror for expressions? I know the Disney animators always used to.
Thank you! Sometimes, though not as often as I should. There's really not much space on the desk for a mirror. Which is odd, considering how large the desk is. The cintiq takes up most of the space.
Old Wolf
Been reading this comic for a very long time. I really appreciate your work, and believe you have one heck of a talent. Take the time you need. Burning yourself out or forcing yourself to injury won't bring the story any faster, and I *love* this world you've spun. You're one of very few I follow this closely. Thank you for the journey thus far, and I hope to be with this one to the end, no matter how far off that may be.
Thank you! *blush*