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A favor must be declared as such, and accepted, in order for an obligation to come into play. Not declared a favor? Then no obligation, period.

If so, why help them? First off, it is the right thing to do. Secondly... they're less likely to make noise and cause a fuss if they're given a chance to escape as well.

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2015-10-15 02:03:33 
Great page as always. Also he's incentivizing them to be quiet so they can make their own escape. Hopefully they don't have a couple of their own disguised as slaves. I doubt it myself but ya never know.
2015-10-15 11:45:43 
Thank you! Hopefully not. We'll have to wait and see.
2015-10-15 04:43:37 
Loving all the expressions here, particularly panel 3 (NO time for this Sh*t) You know what? I've forgotten the name of our rescuer here...
2015-10-15 09:25:37 
That's the ever loveable Specter! A little bit of his history was revealed back in A Bit of Gossip
2015-10-15 11:51:18 
Thanks! I keep thinking it'd be an interesting idea to go back and tag each page with the names of the characters that show up in it, but then I think about the amount of work involved. O.o;
2015-10-15 09:24:17 
Does the woman Specter is helping have a name? She's cute.
2015-10-15 11:48:04 
Yep, that she does. Her name is Nareena. The fey fellow with the yellow face markings is Keegan.
2015-10-15 20:34:58 
i see Specter is his ever so charming self. Can't wait to see Moraine's reaction to what Ruby has seen.
2015-10-16 04:18:24 
Exactly my thought as the scene unfolded... good to see he imparts his grumpiness to all without fear or favour! ;-)
2015-10-15 21:51:50 
Love the story-line.The art work and story has kept me on the edge of my seat, waiting for next up-date.
2015-10-17 23:36:20 
We're here to rescue someone. But if we rescue EVERYONE, they won't know specifically who we came to rescue.
Rick Drake
2015-10-19 07:53:00 
Awesome as always. Keep up the good work!