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Issue 22 - Page 18

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Matt and I have been joking that it looks like Cahal's being hit by some Sailor Moon attack. Oh boy. *laughs*

Here's a closer shot of the last panel's background activity.

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Comments [13]:

So, either Mabel has way with glamour, rock is that special, or Cahal is just weak on jewelry. Or all. Is it wrong that I wish them to fail and we get to see Devil carrying off some humans and fey ( and probably have banter with higher Fey while Puck annoys him)? Also, goat fey looks amazing.
Yeah, that last panel is great. And has the rescue actually started in the background there? It's difficult to tell. Also like the whole Book of Kells thing going on with the banners.
Hit by a Sailor Moon attack? Yeah, pretty much!
At least it's not the Pink Sugar Heart Attack. Pink hearts bouncing off your face and butt... that stuff's rough, man.
Aurik Marr
My money is on a love spell of some sort.
Ha! Thanks for the close-up. It just reveals the amazing amount of details in those backgrounds (like the fine crack in the wall). I love the veggies hanging up in the back. Is that to feed the prisoners? At least they have carrots...
And yeah... that's the rescue. Thanks!
There are two ways this is going to go. And either way, it's going to be a bit saucy :3
Uh-oh. Not the rock, indeed. Things are about to get very Benny Hill-like, very quickly, methinks.
So many puns about rocks, ... Must keep it PG.
Iron Ed
The tapestries in panel one, and the lighting on them are wonderful. Really excellent showing of the background activity in panel three too. I love that it looks so intriguing, but being background and distant I have to look hard to try and interpret what's going on.
Thanks. Yep, it was done that way on purpose. The background action is a teaser for the next page and not meant to be too clear or detailed.
I think that poor Cahal is falling for the merchant and and not the merchandise