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Issue 22 - Page 11

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

All I keep hearing in my head after three days of fiddling with this is Edna from The Incredibles... "NO CAPES!"

In other news, if you've been watching my Twitter or Tumblr you know that we have a new addition to the family. If you haven't been, meet Ruby Mae! She's about nine weeks old and already a fuzzy little bundle of attitude.

Keeping an eye on her during the day eats a good number of hours out of my schedule, so if the shading is a little behind for the next few weeks, please don't fret. I'm just being mauled by the cuteness that is puppy.

Comments [20]:

And tagged again, this time in front of the entire Goblin Market. Gavin's never going to live this one down.
At least Freda's likely happy now that Gavin's off of Blueberry. :D
Your new puppy is so fluffy and adorable! The distraction there is completely understandable. Nice clothesline by Hunter by the way. He still looks like he's having entirely too much fun at Gavin's expense, but that Fae kind of deserves it, to be honest.
She's already losing her baby fluff on her back. And gotten bigger over the last week. O.o; Thanks! Max is thoroughly enjoying himself. :D
That was the exact thought I had... "No Capes!" Good to see Max has decided if he is going down, he is going to go down swinging.... swinging Gavin, that is!
I love that movie. I should really watch it again. It's been a while. Max: "Come on, Gavin, let's play a game!" Gavin: "ACK!"
Who wants to play `Crack the Whip`? Gavin? Anyone?
Actually, I think Brad Bird swiped that from the comic "Watchmen." In it, Owlman I talks in his biography about Dollar Bill, a hero created by the bank he worked for, getting done in by his cape getting snagged in a door. But tropes work, whatever their source. Love Max's expression as he yanks Gavin's, er, cloak.
Love panel two, they're like all "Hey, you were supposed to STOP!"
PUPPY!!! Also, nice depiction of Part's sliding stop and turn in the first two panels!
choo choo george
AWWWWWW heck!!! That is one adorable puppy, made me feel so good to watch her. Have you ever thought about getting two Corgi's? I know that would be a bit much, but the two of them would really enjoy playing with themselves and they wouldn't feel lonely when you or Matt aren't around. Thanks for the Ruby Mae video, it was so heartily enjoyable. Oh also love the latest CN:H episode.
Oh the lovely lines of motion: in frame one they direct my eye to the right, spin it around with the horse, then race me to the left. My eye catches Gavin's downward curved hand in the third frame, follows Max's glance in the 4th frame to the right and ends on Gavin's bugged out eyes in the last frame. Fantastic motion as well as page design. Scoot over Leonardo.
Happy Birthday, Darc!! Cute puppy - play, play, play, play, play, play, ITCH!!! Hehehe. The art is great as usual. :)
I think Gavin owes Hunter one. Hunter just saved an oblivious Gavin a world of embarrassment as he would've run headlong into those guards, as he was blind with rage and didn't see Hunter turn around, nor the reason for the turn. If Gavin had run into the guards I think Winter would've used him as a football; either style. Of course Hunter enjoyed playing nab the cloak at speed. :=3 It also shows how good of a horseman (horsemouse?) Hunter really is.
Jenora Feuer
Well, given the horses shown at the McConner estate in the issues where Max returned home, he probably grew up around them. So not surprising at all.
choo choo george
Didn't know it was your birthday, happy birthday and best wishes for a 100 more!!!
Oooh, garroted (however briefly) by your own cloak. Ow. Also? puppy! Puppy puppy puppy! She's ADORABLE!
Killer puppy.
Poor Gavin. It is just not his day.
Felt I had to add "Cape Snag" to the Codename Hunter TV Tropes page: . You'll be fine Gavin. Really! Heh. Not.