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Issue 22 - Page 10

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Freda is not a happy camper! We've a big storm rolling in. Shutting the comp down for the evening. Shading will happen over the next few days.

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I'm presuming Blueberry is the Ram's name. Also, 'Gaiman Fruits' Ha!
Poor Blueberry... it's hard to impress the lady sheep when you're stuck with a cute name.
Oh, I just know they're trying to catch Gavin, and not Hunter. Please let them be trying to catch Gavin, and not Hunter!
The line 'We've got em' would indicate they're after both.
I would presume since one of them just charged through a crowded marketplace on horseback, and the other pursued throwing spells and cursing his name, that's probably a good guess. Or ya know, Freda sent the guards to retrieve Blueberry.
Yeah, those storms smashed us but good here in New York. Hope you stay safe!
Ouch! I hope things are going better down there today! We've gotten enough rain this afternoon that we're under a flood warning. The thunder is impressive though.
Freda may not be a happy camper but neither are Part and Hunter at this moment... that is the look of "Oh, crap! This is not just bad... it is reeeaaallly bad!"
Hmm, this page feels like a two page spread. Is it??
Observator 31329875
note the frame going off the page bottom-right. it is :)
Nope, it's just a single. My TOS has been acting up, limiting how long I can work lately. I'll have the shading up in a few days.
Gavin goes off and attacks Hunter. This causes Gavin to ignore the duty to Freda charged to him by Winter. Regardless of the outcome, Gavin is in trouble.