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Freda is not a happy camper! We've a big storm rolling in. Shutting the comp down for the evening. Shading will happen over the next few days.

2015-05-28 05:01:28 
I'm presuming Blueberry is the Ram's name. Also, 'Gaiman Fruits' Ha!
2015-06-01 16:53:53 
Poor Blueberry... it's hard to impress the lady sheep when you're stuck with a cute name.
2015-05-28 09:14:54 
Oh, I just know they're trying to catch Gavin, and not Hunter. Please let them be trying to catch Gavin, and not Hunter!
2015-05-28 12:11:56 
The line 'We've got em' would indicate they're after both.
2015-05-28 12:43:26 
I would presume since one of them just charged through a crowded marketplace on horseback, and the other pursued throwing spells and cursing his name, that's probably a good guess. Or ya know, Freda sent the guards to retrieve Blueberry.
2015-05-28 21:44:55 
Yeah, those storms smashed us but good here in New York. Hope you stay safe!
2015-06-01 16:55:48 
Ouch! I hope things are going better down there today! We've gotten enough rain this afternoon that we're under a flood warning. The thunder is impressive though.
2015-05-29 06:08:21 
Freda may not be a happy camper but neither are Part and Hunter at this moment... that is the look of "Oh, crap! This is not just bad... it is reeeaaallly bad!"
2015-05-29 15:11:55 
Hmm, this page feels like a two page spread. Is it??
Observator 31329875
2015-05-29 19:50:02 
note the frame going off the page bottom-right. it is :)
2015-05-29 19:56:15 
Nope, it's just a single. My TOS has been acting up, limiting how long I can work lately. I'll have the shading up in a few days.
2015-05-30 21:17:43 
Gavin goes off and attacks Hunter. This causes Gavin to ignore the duty to Freda charged to him by Winter. Regardless of the outcome, Gavin is in trouble.