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Issue 22 - Page 07

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Due to pushing through a migraine Wednesday, I spent Thursday on the couch dealing with a frat party raging in my head. So, here's the other half of the spread in lieu of this week's AYAD. Two CN:H pages this week.

I apologize for the mix-up. We'll continue on with AYAD next week.

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Mabel does not do subtle.

Comments [15]:

Sometimes improvisation is the best plan.
Exactly! Just think of all the time one saves by not planning ahead. It's great!
An obvious distraction is exactly what they'd expect, wouldn't want to disappoint them. Besides, the guard's must be crazy.
Only if they're expecting a distraction at all.
Well, here goes nuthin'... obviously subtlety is not Mabel's strong suit...
Subtle doesn't sell jewelry. :D
Ooooh. Pretty lights.
Thank you! :D
I love the double spread. It really shows how massive the place looks, like you mentioned. Awesome job. Also - love the Ruby sprites. :)
Thanks! I used to have a whole set of Ruby and Max sprites. These three were the only ones I could find. :(
Iron Ed
Wow! Sooo much neat work here I don't know what to look at! The background stuff almosthidden in the glare of the light-globe on the right makes me look harder to see if a clue to what comes next might be hidden there. :-) Sooo.. Mabel wants a chocolate soft-drink?? ;-)
Who doesn't want a chocolate soft-drink? :D Thank you!
All that's running through my head is using feminine wiles and "hello, boys~..."
*laughs* Now I keep thinking of that one 'Daria' episode... JANE: "You have to distract Gary..." DARIA: "How?" JANE: "You'll think of something. Use your womanly attributes." DARIA: "Gotcha. I'll give birth." JANE: "That'll work."
Oh man, that brings back good memories. Thanks for making me bust up laughing at almost 6 a.m.!