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Issue 22 - Page 06

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Sorry for the slight delay. The shading on this double page spread kicked my butt. I decided to push through since the hand was tightening up towards the end there. Just in case it decides to lock up tomorrow.

Comments [10]:

Love the lighting in this. What do they have planned?
MABEL: "Plan?" DARROCH: *face-palm* GREER: "Greer knew he forgot something..."
So they're having fey help? Well, I suppose it makes job easier. I also like fact that they have friends willing to risk life and status for them. And that this is one of rare stories where we lack completely evil race. Now we need just an friendly Unseelie. WEll, it was worth-shading is amazing.
Thanks! We'll see some friendly Unseelie in AYAD. They just take a bit longer to open up to folks.
I hope Spooky's allies prove trustworthy. I would not like to see any more of the Queen's agents come to this fate.
They're pretty reliable, if a little impulsive at times. :D
Petrov Neutrino
I would not worry about Mabel, Darroch, and Greer. At least not from a loyalty perspective. I hope that they will be okay in Deharrods; they are likely putting themselves at significant personal risk in order to help Nyx. While we know some of Greer's backstory, it would be nice to learn more someday about how Mabel and Darroch got to know the stranded mortals.
I need a team to churn through all the stories. There's so much to tell. Matt keeps saying I should offer a series of sketchy side stories as donation incentives, to fill in some of the blanks. But knowing me, they wouldn't stay sketchy for long.
choo choo george
Hope you get better soon, how do you do that soft like glow, it's a really wonderful scene.
Thanks. The migraine's gone down. Just a bit of the postdrome phase left. For the lighting I use an outer glow filter on some of the lights to give that bright glow. For the fainter ones, I use a semi-transparent soft edge brush. It helps give the areas in the distance a bit of a hazy look. A lot of it's still trial and error as I experiment with lighting. :D