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Issue 22 - Page 03

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Uh oh... seems someone's easily wound up! Quick, Max, throw in a "your momma" joke for good measure! Those always get results!

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Carl Foxmarten
Hmm. This may not be the best way to stay safe while stirring up pandemonium...
Kicking the beehive is not the wisest thing to do Hunter. I know he's going for a distraction, but this method might cause a degree of unnecessary collateral damage.
Screw Kicking the nest. That's a straight up cherry bomb in an ammunition factory.
And Hunter would care about the collateral damage because? He is in a foreign land where his kind are routinely hunted and sacrificed. Any damage caused in the ensuing chaos cannot be brought against him and his because that's not the relationship that the queens have. In human terms, there's no extradition treaties or judicial cooperation treaties. Any collateral damage damages Gavin and the Winter Court because you can bet that there's some sort of system to assess them for damages.
I was thinking of the potential damage that might injure one of the mortals that they are there to rescue.
Jenora Feuer
Well, one gets the impression that Gavin has no real friends here anyway... so I suspect that even random fae are likely to hinder Gavin as much as help to see the chase continue, and of course the person he's supposed to be carrying boxes for is not going to be happy if he runs off. I think Hunter is going to have a lot of allies in keeping things interesting, just because it's Gavin being tweaked and he's going to completely lose it in public...
Why do I have this feeling that if Winter was here we might actually see her laugh? I mean seriously the expression on Gavin's face is priceless! Who's going to be able to keep a straight face seeing that? Plus I imagine his body is contorting into all kinds of wonderful shapes at the moment.
I'd buy some popcorn, but then I'd be stuck there. This is gonna be a goooood show.
I think even Puck would applaud those barbs.
Petrov Neutrino
I imagine that Puck is somewhere nearby, floating above the crowd, invisible, munching on popcorn with a mortal video recorder in hand!
How to create chaos while being seen as a source of entertainment.... and of course all damage etc will be laid at the feet of Gavin and The Winter Court... and I have a feeling that Winter will look very dimly upon reports of a scene of embarrassment in public... especially if Hunter leaves the scene alive.... Chaos and Distraction, Tick... Major Ballsy Move, Tick... Risk of Death, Tick.... All Boxes Ticked!
Don't you mean "Ticked-off"?
Gavin, he callin' you out.
bob cleveland
How does that go? "Confusion, chaos, distraction, Yes my job here is done."
Loving all these gorgeous background characters, and that final panel of Gavin...
Please tell me someone is making popcorn! This is going to be absolutely epic, and I mean that literally.
Iron Ed
SOooo epic! Bards will be singing of this (when Gavin's not around) for many years to come. Gavin has to living down to do! :-)
Iron Ed
(dangit...) "Gavin has -some- living-down to do!"
choo choo george
Talk about being green with envy, I think Gavin is about to explode. I just so love CN:H, one of the best comics in the Belfry.
Cue rage and distraction efforts in three... two... one...
Well. his was told to unleash hell on the area around Deharrods. This might be a little overboard. I can not wait to see how this turns out.
I see Max took a correspondence course in the Dresden school of distraction: When there's nothing to set on fire, piss something off!
Grumpy Old Bear
By the way This Old House did a segment on Bonsai last night
Waving the bloody shirt eh? I would have thrown a hand grenade with a cold iron casing into the crowd, but pissing off a fae who'd like to see you dead is just as good!
Now, now. At this point, the only thing Hunter has done has been to speak in a loud voice. He has caused no injury, begun no violence. He cannot be held responsible for the actions, reactions, or over-reactions, of others. Now can he?
At present, Max's words have the same effect as someone handing another person a lit stick of Dinamite and the first saying,"Here, please hold this for me". Yep, I know that I'm just that much of a funny funster.
No, I would never really do something like I mention unless it was my gag prop.
Two things that I need to cover. First up, I hope you feel better soon. Second. Although I know that this is set in England, I read Hunter's speach with a decidedly old Southern accent. I only did that for the fun of it.
Shouting "fire" in a crowded theater is considered a crime.