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Issue 22 - Page 01

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

We're starting No. 22 off with a BANG! Fire and glowing effects. Lots of glowing effects. I have to admit, this page was a challenge to do. It kicked my butt and took a few days, but still... it was interesting and fun.

I'm trying to push myself with the lighting - the goal being to learn and create more dynamic images. You can't learn without stepping outside of your comfort zone. Only trouble is, it does tend to add hours to the production time. *laughs*

Comments [22]:

Just wow! Actually, it's interesting that, no matter how terrific the sketch, then the coloured version are (and they are), the effects reeeally punch it up. Particularly with this page. And my, Max is having waaaay to much fun here :-)
And Gavin is looking fantastically aggravated. Poor guy just can't get a break with RSCI agents.
"My cabbages!"
I almost spit my orange juice all over my screen when i saw this, thank you it made my day!
WOW.....cant believe it took me this long to get the joke. People in the office are looking at me funny right now....
Iron Ed
Okay, I've thought about this long enough. SOMEone pleeeaase explain the joke to me! :-)
Its a running gag from Avatar the Last Airbender.
The poor cabbage merchant.

He gets no respect:
That horse is probably going, "THIS IS F***ING NUTS, HOLY SH*T!!!"
I'm pretty sure Part has just as much of a sense of adventure as Hunter has... when he and Hunter make it back to the stables he is going to have a story and a half for the rest of the residents... even if they don't believe it all!! ;-)
Liking Gavin's battle ram.
Just so long as he don't pull a sword out of nowhere and yell "I have the power!"
Petrov Neutrino
Wow! This is spectacular! Excellent work! Lots of glow, lots of motion. The thrill of the chase! - "You! Yeah, you! I marked you! I made you look like an idiot in front of your Queen! I called you a coward! You want a piece of me? Come and get it!"
Ruby must be rubbing off on Max.
Iron Ed
Max still has his clothes on! :-)
What a beautiful page! The action, the expressions, the lighting, everything is just awesome!
love the look on Max face it's tells it all
Really great artwork! Saaay...anyone want to bet that Gavin will end up taking the blame for this?
Wow... love the absolute look on Max's face. Even if he never makes it out of the Fey Realm this is a day he will not ever forget. If he does get out, this may just be another instance in the already started, blood-feud between Max and Gavin. I can't wait to see how that turns out.
Max needs a cigar clamped between his teeth....because he's sporting the best "George Peppard" grin I've seen ever drawn on a furry character! "I love it when a plan comes together!"
I probably should be cheering for Hunter, but right now I'm worried. Isn't Goblin Market neutral zone for all parties? And he is just causing ruckus? At best he and Gavin will be given punishment. At worst, fey may decide that this means treaty is worthless... And Queens may decide that change of climate is in order. Sure, Moraine will kick few asses....but in long run Britain is getting short end of stick. And if they even succed, it won't end good for earth. Let's just hope that for some incomprehensible rule they cannot do much.
This entire page is amazing. Riot time!