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Issue 21 - Page 23

Morning, guys! While this was finished up yesterday afternoon, I wasn't able to post it here due to the site being offline. There was a major power outage at the data center that hosts our server. But I'm awake and we're back now so, here's the page.

Max is missing and Ruby's going to investigate. Meanwhile, Doodle took Gadel shopping...

Joanna: "Rufus introduced us to a place called The Mall."
Elizabeth: "And something called... credit cards."

I apologize for the slowness of the commissions and pages lately. The whole situation over the last five-plus weeks has been more than a little stressful. Matt begins his new job not next week, but the week after. Once our lives get back into a regular routine, the art should start picking up speed again. Thank you for sticking with me.

Comments [21]:

HEX the Dark
Ruby's back. Yay! And no need to worry.
Your art and story is worth waiting for.
M. Peach
Ruby with a leather jacket on a motorbike, so cool!
M. Mitchell Marmel
Gadel looks lovely! Green suits her.
Wow, no wonder this page took you a while. That is so spot on for a second-tier London shopping street, I walk past places like that all the time. Loving the 'Fortunes and Deli' place as well. Round where I live, every other shop is also a café, it's the only way they can pay the rent.
Frith Ra
I want to steal & use that background. >sigh!
Great page, Darc! I note in panel 4 that there's a gent appreciating Gadel's look, so Doodle can't be all that wrong. ;)
Grumpy Old Bear
I also saw that look - nice work. Are you saying when Matt is around you can't get any work done?
This is absolutely amazing. Worth waiting for. I must say I agree with gadel-many clothes today are considered beautiful because somebody rich/famous designed or/and wore them. Thought idea of her walking throught city in Astorian robes is so funny. I know some people that would be amazed at idea of girl not wishing to try out new hairdo. Doodle, you know you're bad at observing details when awkward mage from mediveal country knows about your coworkers more when it comes to style. Runy is going to throw fit when she hears what happened...Pity she didn't meet fey-especially four major players of that night.
The idea of Gadel walking around in Astorian robes made me wonder: we know that the return of magic is something RCSI tries to keep quiet from the public. How aware is the general public of other magically-inclined nations? Do they know Astoria exists but just thinks they're a weird feudal nation, or are they mostly unaware of it altogether?
King: Put them in the iron maiden. Bill and Ted: Iron Maiden? EXCELLENT!!! King: Execute them! Bill and Ted: Bogus.
I'm tired of saying your art is fantastic, only to have you come up with new work that is even better. I am digging out my Thesaurus, and so help me, one more piece like this and I am going to praise you with it young lady! Its not just that this contains more detail and beautiful colors, its all balanced and practiced. And the detail doesn't obstruct the flow of the story or look cluttered. Sweet!
Iron Ed
Stick that lip out, Gadel! :-) (WHY do I like Gadel so much??) And I see you managed to sneak a book store in there too. ;-)
Is the Astorian witch going with them? Won't that reveal Moraine's secret to a mage with no allegiance to the queen of the UK?
Wow - is that /really/ Gadel? Having seen her for so long in medieval garb, I didn't pick her to be Doodle's companion at first - nice one! Is it just me, or is Gadel still getting used to high heels? She looks a tad unsteady in the first panel...
He could also be going "heels that high?" You don't exactly see many people just walking in massive heels in London during the day. Don't forget we'd say "Shopping Centre" not Mall ;) TBH, I wouldn't touch her hair either, it's gorgeous. Except put some colour in. Maybe a nice streak of turquoise.
Doodle's from Kansas or someplace like that, right? She should show Gadel some of the clothing they wear at rodeos. You a least tell us when there is a problem, and if there are delays. I've followed multiple comics that have had huge delays for no explained reason, or they leave a message on some social media site I don't go on, but not the comic page I check.
Your art is worth the wait as stated
Please take care of yourself physically and mentally. We will happily wait for the gorgeous art when you get to it.
We can wait! You just look after yourselves, not enough people look out for number one...
Oh please let her ride the motorcycle thru the fey market.