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Issue 21 - Page 22

NOTE (3-4-2015) - Due to us needing to drive out of state Tuesday for some paperwork Matt requires for his new job, and getting caught in the snow storm which turned a three-hour trip home into an eight-hour one, this week's CN:H is delayed. It will go live when I can finish it - likely by Friday evening. I apologize for the delay.

We're coming near the end of Issue 21. What better way to begin closing off an issue than with the chance to draw a horse? I love drawing horses.

Unleash hell? But he left Ruby at home...

Comments [19]:

It shows... cant wait to see the finished version!
I've got to say that Hunters expression at the end is perfect.
Petrov Neutrino
Agreed! While there is no text yet, you can almost imagine the sinister laughter right now. Also, you can feel their speed. Excellent work!
Yes, I think hunter is going to have too much fun with his assignment. I look forward to seeing what he does.
I think Hunter's association with Gypsy and Nero will prove to have been a worthwhile educational experience. Look out Deharrods!
Once again, your horse is gorgeous. You can feel the power and speed. But I adore most the crowbar. That's gonna leave several marks on Fae.
Grumpy Old Bear
Beautiful horse - I like the crowbar in the saddle bag. But 2 nits - like a pole sticking out of someones head in a photo the tree needs to move just a little. It looks about to be eaten. And the reins should come from under the paw - there is better small motion control with the pinky finger- Just for future reference. Take care of yourself & your loved ones - they come first. (I know you love us too, but family comes first)
Part loves delicious Bonsai trees. They're just so magically delicious. Especially ones in Fey.
Max has been in the saddle since before he could walk, I'm gonna trust that he knows how to hold the reins.
Please enjoy the comic and remember, if you pick at it, it'll never heal.
Don't mind the position of the tree. It looks good as is. Likewise the reins.
Grumpy Old Bear
I will trust you on this- but if you do not remove the Nit it bites and itches. And who can work with an itchy Nit.
Hunter looks disturbingly happy at his assignment. To our glorious comic creators, I say "Take care of yourselves. We love you all". To Hunter I say "Go forth in violence to deliver the Queen"s displeasure".
Whoohoo! Nice visceral jolt from impending mayhem. Love a story that ropes me in for a ride and a riot. Nice!
I was going to say I don't think Hunter needs any encouragement to create havoc.
GReat page love the line art as well
Well well. Hunter finally gets orders he may actually be able to follow
Does the no eating in fey thing apply to horses? Or is it a matter of consciousness? Horses need to eat so much more often than humans, so I'm just curious.

The eating fey food rule applies only to mortals (i.e. you have to be mortal, be self-aware, and generate magic) before it will affect you. Animals like Part aren't affected because they aren't self-aware or generate magic.

Just finished reading the back issues I bought a couple of months ago and there, at the back of part 2 is an unused sketch of... Max riding into Deharrods brandishing a crowbar! Can't wait... though it looks from the sketch of the next page that I'm going to have to... Looks like another excellent page though, so I'm not complaining.
Issue 22 will be full of chaos-causing-Max goodness. :D