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Issue 21 - Page 20

UPDATE: There will be no CN:H or AYAD pages the week of Feb 9 - Feb 14. I've twisted my knee somehow and can't sit or stand still long without feeling like someone's jamming a knife under it. So I'll be taking this week to get the swelling down and hopefully, in a day or two, get back to pages and commissions. I apologize for the delay.

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Iron Ed
Excellent backgrounds, Dar-- Hey, look! More lightning bugs! :-)
Thanks! I love lightening bugs. They're one of the main things I miss seeing during the winter.
I concur, the background is stunning.
Thank you!
Gorgeous, even not-quite-finished! :D And as for the news of last week that I managed to miss until today well, everyone else pretty much said what I would have so,- Hugs for you, skritches for the pup, and best wishes on finding the golden path forward!
Thanks! Yeah, things are going okay. The searching and waiting is a little frustrating, but what can you do?
Wow, the shading really makes a difference! Love the under-lighting on their faces, very moody.
Admire the sharp lines and the way you get shading without muddy colors. Nice!
Take care of the knee, Darc. I'll see you and your beautiful pages next week!
It is awesome! You really did great job. I'm sorry for that,Darc-you're unlucky almost as I! I hope it passes soon. Since mine email is working funnily, i will ask throught this. Character questions-for Queens-How old are you? Are you older than mortal race? How were Courts established? Are there Spring and Autumn Aspects around? Summer- Most embrassing thing you've ordered to Puck to do? Since you were known as Titania, is there Oberon? Is water magic usable by you and your Court? Are you better than Winter at manipulating? Winter ? Winter, since you're called Mab sometimes, how did Shaekspeare describe you as small pixie How you froze Pendragon? Who is better at torture, you or Devil? Did you inspire Andersen with Snow Queen and Ice maiden? Hope you get better! Oh, could you maybe include Baba Yaga in stories? Controlling Sun,night,day,sky,Earth.... being triple being.... Ancestor of Lucifer himself....
Questions really should either go through email or via the Tumblr ask. It's too hard to keep track of things like that in the comments.
Oh. Sorry. can you then give me your tumbrl's web adress. Again i hope you'll get better
Sure thing. It's at: