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Issue 21 - Page 17

If you have a lot of potential, it's important to be careful of how you use it.

Also, I've a major update about how the PT has been going. If interested, please click HERE to give it a read. Thanks guys!

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A soft, yet stringent scolding. The writing for this comic is amazing as ever.
Also, your "Thank you!" text for posting a comment is white text on bright yellow background. I recommend changing it. (I'm running Safari, most recent version (8.0) if it matters.)
Thanks for letting us know. Matt says he'll look into it this weekend. :D
Thank you! *blush*
One would hope that with that admonition from Mori that Matti is getting lessons on the side on how to control his magic. Expecting a kid to figure out something as volatile as magic on his own is just asking for pain.
Petrov Neutrino
Awww... Matti is still way too cute! He is so sorry, and the pouty lower lip is a nice touch.
Thanks. When in trouble, and in doubt, it never hurts to use the pout. :D
Chakat Firepaw
The next thing she needs to do is to ask him what he used the magic for. Then she gets to explain why it is sometimes OK to break the rules.