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Issue 21 - Page 16

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Ah! Now his reasons become clear.
In Hollywood, this would be where somebody gasps and drops a teacup, quickly followed by a quick shot of the cup shattering on the floor. I suspect that here Moraine will explain something about the ways of life to her grandson, and it will turn out to be more interesting than watching a teacup shatter.
Petrov Neutrino
Excellent work, but -ARGH!- Since there are so many cool threads to the story going on at the same time, I sense a "Dramatic Scene Change" [(tm)DMFA]. If we stay with this thread, I suspect that Moraine will ask Matthew to tell her all about what happened last night in detail. She never really did hear about what actually happened and Gavin's pursuit.
Got to ration those Dramatic Scene Change. Amber owns the rights and the royalties are a bear to cover at times. ;D
If someone does not give Matthew a hug soon I will break into the comic and do it myself.
No, No, No, No. You do not break the fourth wall, only the characters within may break the fourth wall.
Yeah, I'm right there with you.
No! Not the fourth wall! I just finished painting that!
Well, at least they're not completely meta. I've read some comics, they don't just break the fourth wall, they tear it down and start building a new wing.
Lovely frame arrangement and page composition. Emotions on each face carry my eye through the page with no hiccups. Really pro art, and storytelling is even better. Really excellent page, Darc.
Thank you! *blush*
I adore the grandfatherly look given to the "young sir" in the first panel. Morraine is so happy to see him in the second as well. But Matti's little untucked shirt, and those poor ears! That's so adorable!
I like how Allen turned out in that first panel too. My grandpa used to have that look a lot.
choo choo george
As always Darc, you know how to tell a story visually, really great work on expressions, they convey so much, as it's said "One picture is worth a thousand words" and you've got that down pat.
I feel unobservant... I completely missed Allen's collar on the earlier page. Beautifully done as always, Darc!
Iron Ed
Panel one & Panel five. :-) I also really like the gold on the coffee cups and the steam floating past Mori's necklace in panel two. You really get the details, Darc!