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Issue 21 - Page 15

I can't believe it's 2015 already! In a way 2014 flew by. At the same time it also seemed to drag its feet. It's been a rough year of frustration, pain, and confidence crushing realizations.

There were good points too. Despite recent setbacks, I'm on my way to getting this wrist/TOS crap under control, I've learned some interesting lessons about life, and Matt and I have started to make steps towards our next big life adventure.

I think I managed to improve my work a bit over the last year. Pushing myself to do bigger scenes, crowds, strange angles, and odd poses slowed down production and added to the time each page took, but the challenge seems to have paid off. Hopefully that improvement will continue through the next year.

There have been a number of delays to the comic's schedule over the last year which I apologize for. I appreciate those of you who've stuck with me through this year and haven't tried to make me feel pathetic for listening to my body's limits. I can't thank you enough! You make keeping this comic going worthwhile!

Speaking of delays, we'll have the fully finished page complete by the evening. ALL DONE! Pages are taking anywhere from two to three days to complete at the moment. That should improve over the next few weeks as the nerves in the arm finally calm down enough to allow the PT exercises to make improvements again.

Thanks for sticking with me! Let's kick the old year out the door and bring on 2015!

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Petrov Neutrino
-heh- I really like how Prince Matthew is hiding behind Mr. Allen like that. He looks kind of cute, trying to avoid notice. Matthew, that never works! There is something special about the black and white / ink images as well, even if they are temporary. Happy 2015, and thanks again!
Thank you! The old 'if I can't see you, you can't see me' trick. A favorite of young kids and cats. :D
It is fun to see these characters in both the main story and in side story. Young and old. Must confuse you at times. :) You are doing a bang up job of it tho. I hope you have a great 2015 and I hope it is kind to your body and your injuries heal. Stay healthy! On a side note, now that the Queen isn't aging as fast as she looks, every time I see her I see the younger version in her eyes :)
The main confusing thing is which hair color to use. I've gotten them switched up a few times. Thanks!
I take it that Prince Matthew does not know the extent of his grandmothers power.
E.g. the power to notice a tiny muzzle sticking out of her butler? :P
heh heh heh.
.... and likely equally likely that Grandmother does not yet fathom the extent of the Prince's powers. We will all find out in this Happy New Year!
I wouldn't be surprised if between how Hunter became an agent and Grandmas own knowledge she doesn't have some idea of the princes potential
I like how with a AYAAD being held up one week the two timelines play off each other. It's like deja vue; "A Year And A Day foretelling the future events 65(?) years in the future. :=3
I see Prince Matthew is using the "hide behind the friendly adult in times of trouble" ploy. It frequently works--when done right--not because the allied adult makes a good barricade, but because the other grown-ups find it endearing. Sorry, lad, but you should have tucked in your shirt tails. The trick is to avoid being noticed for anything negative. My own grandmother would have never failed to scold me for being untidy.
choo choo george
Darc, wishing you the best for 2015, and don't overwork yourself, I'll always stick with CN:H as it's one of my top favs
I second this! I'm generally a lurker - I read, but don't comment much, but this is really how I feel about your work and comic. I'm sorry it's so hard on you, but this is the best part of Mondays. And Wednesdays.
Thanks! The flareup from my adventure with the water jug seems to finally be going down. I should be back up to my regular speed by next week. Though I may need to locate a Bodyblade to use at home until the insurance company gets its act together. :P
Interesting... the "Iron in the doors of private spaces" make me guess that some dumb Fae tried to make a run at the Queen in the past?
That or they are being proactive. Willing to bet other places of power having done simular. Downing street, House of Lords and Commons